Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome to Ådalen Miniatures!
I will release a small range of Swedish soldiers covering 1923-1939, but they could easily be used for 1910-1939 or all the way to 1945.
The miniatures are sculpted by Aaron Brown by Black Crab.
The first release will have 15 figures, of which this one is the first.


  1. All the best with this venture,how can I become a follower by the way?

  2. Thanks.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me, I had totally forget that. I'm not so good at this. I just activated a gadged, "Join this site", it should be that one? (right corner)

  3. Hi Bjorn! Very nice and interesting miniatures you have here. Are you still in business? If so, what are the prices of these brave soldiers? Greetings from Portugal :)