Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The second figurer is now painted!

A few words about uniform and equipment.
The uniform jacket is model m/23. It was introduced in 1923 and used to 1954. The next uniform model was introduced just before world war two, in 1937.
The helmet is of model m/26, which was very similar to m/21 (high), but without the comb on the top.
Since Sweden was a poor country and the army even poorer soldiers had to use old cloth and equipment as long as possible before being issued new ones. Because of this old and new equipment was used together for a long time. The trousers on this figure are old, called m/10. The m/10 uniform was grey, while the m/23 was grey-green-brownish.


  1. Good to see some examples of the painted figures-they look great.How soon will they be going into production?

  2. greate paint work björn !

    best regards Michael