Sunday, August 12, 2012

And now off to the moulds!
Good news!
I have now a deal with a mouldmaker. The sculptor is now going to send the figures to him and then he is going to make moulds and start selling them right away! I will announce who it is and how to order as soon as we got all details done. I suppose that will take a few weeks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Little known fact:
The first Swedish tank was the m/21-29. It was used from maybe 1930 to 1939. There was 10 of them. Both Copplestone and Tobsen77 make them. Now you have the chance to own more m/21-29 tanks than the Swedes really did!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The second figurer is now painted!

A few words about uniform and equipment.
The uniform jacket is model m/23. It was introduced in 1923 and used to 1954. The next uniform model was introduced just before world war two, in 1937.
The helmet is of model m/26, which was very similar to m/21 (high), but without the comb on the top.
Since Sweden was a poor country and the army even poorer soldiers had to use old cloth and equipment as long as possible before being issued new ones. Because of this old and new equipment was used together for a long time. The trousers on this figure are old, called m/10. The m/10 uniform was grey, while the m/23 was grey-green-brownish.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why should anyone have some Interwar Swedes? They never took part in any war, right?

Yes. But they could have!

If you are playing a game of "A Very British Civil War" you maybe want some foreign auxilia and what could be better than Swedish troops? They will look very exotic in their tricorne hats!

Or maybe the Swedish-Norwegian double monarchy are still in place and they are sending troops to invade the Shetland, the Orkney and some more islands during the VBCW to protect the islands Norse heritage against Communists, Anarchists, Fascists and other Ists?

Or maybe you want your own civil war in Sweden? Maybe there could have been one after the Ådalen riots?

In 1939 a lot of Swedes took part in the Finnish Winter War were they proved that they were good fighters.
Welcome to Ådalen Miniatures!
I will release a small range of Swedish soldiers covering 1923-1939, but they could easily be used for 1910-1939 or all the way to 1945.
The miniatures are sculpted by Aaron Brown by Black Crab.
The first release will have 15 figures, of which this one is the first.