Sunday, August 12, 2012

And now off to the moulds!
Good news!
I have now a deal with a mouldmaker. The sculptor is now going to send the figures to him and then he is going to make moulds and start selling them right away! I will announce who it is and how to order as soon as we got all details done. I suppose that will take a few weeks.


  1. Hi, I just discovered your new company through Dalauppror's blog. I'm very eager to find out more about your new line & when it will be available.

    I've also done research on the Swedish Army during WW2 to see how they might have been involved if they were a combatant, so your figures & VSCW ideas are very interesting. Unfortunately, being American, my source material is all from the Internet, so is always a bit questionable.

    Please provide more history on your proposed interwar conflicts. It seemed that Sweden handled its industrialization & social reforms very well, so there'd be little for a conflict to be based on.


  2. Hejsan,
    Jag skulle jättegärna vilja köpa en handfull svenskar utav dig om du har några till salu ännu!
    Mvh Jimi

  3. Ja, hur geör man för att få köpa ett gäng?

  4. Dalauppror got me here ;)

  5. Nice to hear. Wonderful miniatures!